Designed in Australia. Made in Australia. Internationally award-winning robots for online tank and reservoir cleaning. Quite simply the world’s best tank cleaning robots.


The underwater robotic revolution is here.
Reduce Risk.
Reduce Cost.
Eliminate Downtime.

Watertight Robotics is a multi-award-winning underwater robotics manufacturing and service delivery organisation. We provide highly specialised tank and reservoir cleaning and inspection services for potable water networks while the assets remain online and in service.

Why Watertight Robotics?

Having purchased and extensively trialled the so-called leading global brands of robots for potable tank and reservoir cleaning, we identified a market need that was not being filled with off-the-shelf products.

Leveraging 35 years of tank cleaning expertise and experience, we have developed the world’s best tank cleaning robots that are extensively utilised by Industry and have been proven to out-perform all brands of off-the-shelf robots across every metric measurable.