Waste Water


Our fleet of underwater dredging robots designed for the water industry has brought new technology into Australia for pond de-sludging, and provides new options to water utilities looking to improve on their current de-sludging outcomes. 

We own and operate the only fleet of these robots in Australasia and we are the exclusive regional licensee for both Weda and Scantron Robotics.

De-sludging using our robots removes material from the bottom of the sediment layer first, dredging into the thickest and most condensed sludge before taking away the lighter surface layer. In this way the most compact sludge is dislodged and removed first, providing a more controlled dredging outcome. This method is proven effective and causes minimal disturbance to the sediment layer as work progresses. It is effective in removing uniform and quantifiable volumes of sludge, which can be verified through the use of a remotely operated survey boat or ROV during the dredging process.

Underpinning our wastewater robotic fleet is extensive experience in dredging and a sizable inventory of dredging equipment including 4 and 6 inch dredging pumps, 4 and 6 inch dredge hoses, dosing containers, mixing tanks and trucks.


To guarantee no cross-contamination, Watertight Robotics dedicates equipment and technology to either potable or non-potable applications.