Watertight Robotics


Our organisation is unrivalled globally for robotic development in our field. Having purchased and extensively trialled the so-called leading global brands of robots for potable tank cleaning, we found all of these to be significantly deficient.

In response to a need that could not be met with off the shelf products, we developed a sophisticated design, engineering and fabrication facility that produces robots with amazing capabilities to fill market demands that cannot otherwise be met.

Today, we’re focused on developing innovative online robotic cleaning solutions in Australia for Australian conditions, featuring customised specifications that include:

  • Liner-safe, trackless drive systems for dredging lined assets.
  • Oil-less drive systems.
  • Exceptionally low rates of turbidity generation
  • Rapid cleaning speeds
  • Very low water consumption
  • Versatile cleaning options
  • Extremely high quality of clean

Our team are highly experienced in executing potable water tank cleaning and understand the needs of our clients. It is this understanding that has underpinned our robotic fleet development to create genuinely unique products that are capable of achieving things that were previously not possible.

Our full time staff includes qualified electricians, mechanics, fabricators, fitters and robot technicians who underpin the ongoing development of our fleet. It is this drive towards unmatched innovation allows us to deliver such significant savings to our clients