Watertight Robotics is Australia’s largest provider of online robotic tank and reservoir cleaning solutions delivering world leading technology to the Australian Water Industry.

Previous options available for tank and reservoir cleaning were limited to drain and clean, a costly and time-consuming method requiring asset downtime and wasting valuable water, or cleaning by divers which is expensive to execute safely. Watertight Robotics offers safe, economical robotic solutions for cleaning and inspection of potable storage assets online.

Advice on the suitability of robotic cleaning for particular assets can be provided by experienced personnel with backgrounds in both potable water tank cleaning and water quality. Our ongoing development program focuses on removing existing barriers to robotic cleaning in order to expand the range of assets that can be serviced exclusively using robots. 100% removal of sediment is achievable from accessible floor areas, sloping walls and column bases, using a variety of vacuum attachments for each robot.

Watertight Robotics is backed by the nation-wide capability and experience of Fremantle Commercial Diving, Australia’s premier supplier of tank and reservoir diving services.



The Watertight Robotics potable fleet comprises electrically powered, crawling robots which have been modified for Australian conditions with a particular focus on water efficiency. These robots have no thrusters to mobilise sediment into the water column and no hydraulic parts, eliminating the risk of leaking hydraulic oil into a potable supply. Each robot is custom built for potable water use and dedicated to this sole purpose. Robots are surface controlled by an operator using multiple cameras fed to a surface display console. Tanks and reservoirs can be safely cleaned online without disturbing sediment or impacting on water quality.

Benefits of Potable Robotic Cleaning:

  • No human entry
  • Lower cost
  • No thrusters or hydraulic parts
  • Assets cleaned online
  • Comprehensive inspection capability
  • No impact to water quality
  • Built and maintained for potable water use


Our cleaning robots are supported by inspection class ROV units which are used to monitor cleaning operations and safely inspect assets post-cleaning when the risk of mobilising sediment into the water column has been removed. These inspection class ROV units provide High Definition video footage, which is an integral part to the Watertight Robotics reporting process.

All our ROV units used for potable inspections are bought for and dedicated to this purpose, and are physically tagged to indicate this. Our high quality reporting process includes meaningful interactive PDF reports that are backed up by 60 frames per second HD 1080p inspection footage. Reports can be customised to meet client requirements and all data is stored for a period of 10 years on our internal server supported by offsite backup.

To guarantee no cross-contamination, Watertight Robotics dedicates equipment and technology to either potable or non-potable applications.