In-ground reservoirs and larger ground tanks are often suited to larger cleaning robots. Thankfully, the Watertight Robotics fleet has this covered. Our biggest cleaning robots make light work of large assets, achieving outstanding clean quality while maintaining very high cleaning rates.

These robots are well suited to traversing inclined wall slopes and dealing with the higher accumulation of sediment that is often seen in larger assets.

  • Our reservoir cleaning robots offer the following advantages:
  • Versatile pumping systems for larger assets.
  • Very high cleaning rate per hour.
  • Capable of cleaning inclined walls.
  • Very low water consumption.
  • Ultra-low turbidity.
  • No thrusters or hydraulic parts.
  • Extensively trialled and proven in real-world conditions.
  • No human entry.

This capability to clean large assets quickly and efficiently delivers significant savings without compromising on the quality of clean or inspection that can be achieved.

Industry Solutions

Our online robotic solutions are suitable for cleaning potable water in the following industries:

  • Public Utilities
  • Mining
  • Desalination
  • Water Treatment
  • Industrial