Potable Water Robot


Our potable robotic fleet comprises electrically powered, crawling robots which have been custom engineered and built by Watertight Robotics for Australian conditions with a particular focus on water efficiency.

These robots have no thrusters to mobilise sediment into the water column and no hydraulic parts, eliminating the risk of leaking hydraulic oil into a potable supply.  Each robot is custom built by us for potable water use and dedicated to this sole purpose.  Robots are surface controlled by an operator using multiple cameras fed to a surface display console.  Tanks and reservoirs can be safely cleaned online without disturbing sediment or impacting on water quality.

  • Completely eliminates human entry
  • Lower cost
  • No thrusters or hydraulic parts
  • Assets cleaned and inspected online
  • Comprehensive inspection capability
  • No impact to water quality
  • Built and maintained for dedicated potable water use


To guarantee no cross-contamination, Watertight Robotics dedicates equipment and technology to either potable or non-potable applications.