Minesite Dredging


Watertight Robotics supply a broad range of robotic based dredging services to the mining industry.

Our in-house suction systems range from 2 inches to 6 inches and cover a diverse range of pumping equipment for moving different types of material. Mine sites require dredging services for a wide range of applications including:

  • Removal of sediment and plants from process water reservoirs.
  • Removal of silt from chemical storage ponds (eg cyanide ponds)
  • Removal of silt and sediment from fire suppression tanks
  • Specialist dredging applications in process loop tanks

Watertight Robotics operate mine site ready vehicles and equipment and our crews are accustomed to working in mine site environments. The establishment of our inland Pilbara base at Newman in 2017 allows us to deliver these services to the Western Australian mining industry with reduced costs and even greater flexibility. Our mine site services are available Australia wide.


To guarantee no cross-contamination, Watertight Robotics dedicates equipment and technology to either potable or non-potable applications.