Watertight Robotics Industrial


Watertight Robotics offer industrial dredging solutions that remove the need for human entry, allowing work to be safely performed outside shutdown windows while assets remain online.

Robots are surface controlled using multiple camera or augmented reality sensor feeds to the operator display console. By removing sludge before volume becomes compromised, pump wear from suspended solids can be reduced and asset downtime can be eliminated. Additionally, solids can be separated and water returned to source, preserving expensive chemicals required in many process applications.


Regular servicing of liquid storage assets delivers the following benefits:

  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reduction in asset downtime
  • No loss in storage capacity
  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Accurate monitoring of asset condition
  • Reduced pump wear
  • Prolonged asset life

Our international alliances with world leading companies allows us to offer accurate quotations based on extensive experience using this state of the art technology.

To guarantee no cross-contamination, Watertight Robotics dedicates equipment and technology to either potable or non-potable applications.