Desalination Plant


After many years of supplying services to the desalination industry, Watertight Robotics own a range of high capacity pumps ranging from 2 to 6 inches capable of moving sand, seaweed, mussel shells, scallop shells, blue metal and rocks.  

These specialised pumps can be integrated into our robotic systems to allow dredging of stilling basins, wet wells, intake towers, pipes and other areas where matter accumulates over time. Our staff can provide accurate estimations of job requirements based on extensive experience in this field and client references for similar jobs undertaken.

Marine dredging requires consideration of many factors ranging from system and impeller design to dewatering and disposal. The experienced team at Watertight Robotics can provide meaningful professional advice in this area to help reduce costs on your next dredging project.


To guarantee no cross-contamination, Watertight Robotics dedicates equipment and technology to either potable or non-potable applications.